SMOKE FREE STATS: Cravings 8 Anger 10 Pain 7 Focus 2 Energy 3

RUNNING STATS: Time 00:49:02m Distance 6.51km  Avg. Pace 7:31min/km (follow my stats at ADIDAS Runstatic App / Vilma Vicente)

I had several mood swings and rage attacks so far… but yesterdays was definitely the worst! I shouted and cursed, slammed doors and stormed off like a spoiled brat!!

Thank God that we live in the middle of the woods and don’t have any neibours.

Although I thing the beautiful Azure-winged Magpie – Cyanopica cyanus family that lived in our back yard moved to a tree further away…

In this moments i don’t feel like myself. I’m suddenly on edge, irritable, anxious and my mood changes drastically with unexpected triggers.

My way to deal with those triggers without going for a cigarette is Deep Breading exercises, Positive Thinking and Running.

And that’s what I did! After a Sun Salutation I used all that overbording energy and tried to transforme it into a positive and stronger run. In the end I was able to increased my personal running pace and overcome another day of struggle against myself and the nicotine addiction.

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